FITme Comment

  • FITme 맞춤형 임플란트는 환자들의 다양한 코 상태에 따라 맞춤형 보형물 제작이 가능하여 부작용 확률이 적고 환자 만족도가 아주 높습니다.

    As FITme can be designed accoding to patient's various nasal condition, it can reduce side effects and makes high surgery satisfaction.

  • FITme 맞춤형 임플란트는 코성형을 일생에 단 한번만 받는 수술이 될 수 있게 해주는 강력한 도구입니다.

    FITme is a powerful tool which allows patients to have rhinoplasty only once in a lifetime.

  • FITme는 코성형의 '치트키'입니다.
    실리콘과 뼈 사이의 완벽한 밀착은 빈 공간을 방지할 수 있으며, 빈 공간의 방지는 염증 및 구축을 방지할 수 있습니다.

    FITme is a 「cheat key」 for rhinoplasty.
    Perfect closely fitting between silicon and bone can prevent empty space, and prevention of empty space can prevent inflammation and contracture.

  • 핏미는 수술 시간을 줄여주고 환자의 만족도를 높이는 좋은 선택입니다.

    FITme is the best choice to reduce surgery time and increase patient satisfaction.

  • FITme는 내 코에 딱 맞는 테트리스 보형물이다.

    FITme is the perfect purzzle implant fit to your face.

  • 기성품으로 수술하는 시대는 가고 내 코에 정확히 맞춘 FITme 맞춤 보형물의 시대가 열렸습니다.

    The ready made silicone era is over and the custom made implant, FITme will be new trend in rhinoplasty which fits nose precisely

  • 핏미는 코성형 환자에게 최상의 선택이다!

    FITme is the best choice ever to patients who plan to do rhinoplasty.

  • 핏미는 코 성형을 생각하는 모든 분들이 무조건적으로 사용하는 게 좋다.

    It is good for everyone who is thinking about rhinoplasty to use FITme unconditionally.

  • FITmeは術前にプロテーゼデザインの確認ができ、希望した形態のプロテーゼの制作が可能です。

    In FITme process, we can check the design in advance and receive the implant as we ordered.
    FITme is a good product because it can fit to the patient’s bone shape precisely and the outline of the implant doesn’t stand out.

  • FITmeは患部への密着度が高く、希望の形に制作ができる理想的なシリコンプロテーゼである。

    FITme is an ideal silicone implant that can fit to the affected area and can be shaped into desired shape.

  • FITmeは既製品にはない自然なアウトラインの演出ができ、美容外科医としての創造性をかきたてられる。

    FITme can make a natural outline that is not available in ready-made products, which stimulates creativity as a cosmetic surgeon.

  • FITmeは完成度の高いアートである。

    FITme is a highly complete art.

  • FITmeは細かな要望に対する再現性も高く、品質も安定しており信頼できる製品です。

    FITme is a trusty product as it provides stable quality and is possible to design silicone implants reflecting doctor's requests in detail.

  • FITme(オーダーメイドプロテーゼ)は、まるで生来の鼻筋であるかのような人工物である。

    Order-made Implant, FITme is an artificial object that looks as if it were a natural nose.

  • If you would like to get a perfect looking you have to use custom made suit. It’s same that If you would like to get a perfect looking forehead, you must choose FITme.”

  • Actually we have used customized silicone implant or FITme for forehead augmentation more than 3 years.
    The results are very impressive smooth and natural looking without any complication. Combining with our endoscopic expertise , we can proceed the surgery with smaller incision, clear visual field and faster recovery time.

  • FITme is the new era of facial implants. Personalization, compatibility and harmony are advantage of FITme.

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