FITme was developed by combining 3D advanced technology with 30 years of experience in making silicone implants.

We always think about the safety and importance of silicone implants.
FITme is always thinking and researching for a safer, more suitable beauty for you. We are conducting various research and development for excellent product design and implant manufacturing.

FITme is a company that provides customized cosmetic solutions in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and creates NEW things that are not in the world based on innovative R&D technology.

01 Research to improve the precision of medical image analysis

Accurately analyze and research various medical images as well as medical images for cosmetic and reconstruction purposes.
AI automation analysis development for efficient data analaysis

02 Research on implant design applicable to various areas

A study on the design of implants that can be applied to various areas as well as for cosmetic and reconstruction purposes

We are building the best facilities for the development of the world's best customized implants, and continue to invest by securing specialized researchers

03 Software Simulation Research

Research and development of a simulation program that can select and design implants while checking the surface values that change when implants are inserted into human tissues before surgery