Fit me

Customized silicone implant, FITme

For your unique personality and beauty, not for the uniformed beauty.

It’s my FITme

Everyone has their own most beautiful FIT

Through FITme, be more confident and find your own personality and beauty.

FITme Solution

3D Customized implant design
through patient medical image analysis

Safe implant through silicone manufacturing technology with 30 years of experience


Unique silicone implant just for you

We all have different face shapes and proportions.
Customized silicone implant made just for you, FITme.
The silicone implants should be designed and made to fit the patient’s individual face. Customized silicone implant, FITme.

Silicone implants designed and manufactured to fit your individual face.

Silicone implants used for most sensitive face.
FITme, your own customized implant.

Manufactured precisely and
in detail using a state-of the-art 3D Printer

Implant is 3D designed to fit the individual and is meticulously crafted.

Fitted Implant To ME 3D Customized silicone implant made with own CT data.


Medical image analysis

Precise pre-operational analysis of the patient’s scan data.
In case of revision, the already implanted ready-made implant is analyzed and that implant used as a reference for reconstruction pre-planning.


FITme Design

Design implants to fit for patient’s surgery purpose and face style.
Applicable to various indication such as nasal, chin, forehead, etc.


FITme frame production

Manufacture implants’ frame using 3D printing technology


FITme silicone implant production

Use FDA-approved silicone raw materials


Delivery and Surgery

Safe surgery with FITme, customized silicone implant only for you.

Fit me

Developed with advanced 3D technology and 30 years of experience in implant manufacturing technology.