Everyone has their own fit.
FITme is a customized silicone implant made only for you,
which developed for your unique personality
not for the uniformed beauty.

FITme not only provides the most suitable beauty for the individual,
but it is also a safe and precise implant that gives you
the best fit for the affected area.

FITme supports your unique personality and beauty.

FITme Mission

FITme is a company that provides customized implant manufacturing solutions for patients.
Our goal is to provide solutions that fit everyone, regardless of age or gender, so that they can be customized to fit their beauty standards and personality. We promise to become the company that can help surgeons and patients with high technology and help all people to keep a beautiful adn healthy life

FITme provides customized implant solutions through medical image analysis and design in a laboratory with advanced 3D technology.
In addition, we manufacture silicone implants through a sales contract with Keosan Trading Co., which has 30 years of experience in implant manufacturing technology.
We are constantly researching for your own safe and special implants and providing customized solutions.